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I LOVE office hours

I just got back from office hours today and feel completely energized.  I started office hours, in part, because I am a big proponent of the vibrancy of the New York tech community and want to contribute to the extent that I can.  I see giving feed back to very early stage start-ups is a great way to contribute. Today I feel like I got more out of office hours than the entrepreneurs who came in.  I love talking with passionate entrepreneurs who are pursuing exciting ideas. (That is why I love my job.) Today I met several that absolutely fit that criteria.  One has developed a very cool iPhone app that I will write about shortly.  I likely wouldn’t have met all of these guys (today they were all guys) if it wasn’t for opening our doors for anyone to come in.  Are we going to fund each of these companies, no, but I do think they got some benefit and I walked away with an energy and excitement that I only get from sharing in someones grand vision. I encourage other VCs to try it out, at least once.