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I made the jump from investor to operator in 2010, joining comiXology when mobile apps were in their infancy and the iPad was fresh to the market.  Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of helping comiXology grow into the leading platform for digital comics.  Now with over 100 employees, comiXology is the highest grossing non-game iPad app (two years running!), and the only app to repeat on Apple’s “Top 10” grossing iPad list.  Not familiar with us? ComiXology is a buy-once, read-everywhere platform, and we’re powering most of the major brands in comics. Give it a try!

I have fulfilled a myriad of roles from CFO to leading the US Business Development and Account Management teams.  I hope that my experience as an investor who has worked with a number of startups can lend some insight to my readers, whether you are a cofounder, or work in one of the many small teams changing the landscape of technology.

Prior to comiXology I was an associate at Rose Tech Ventures, a seed stage Venture Capital firm in New York City.  We invested in 14 new companies during my tenure, bringing the total portfolio to over 70 portfolio companies, primarily in New York and broadly in digital media.  We focused on startups with large market opportunities that could reach cash flow break even for less than $1MM. We also ran an incubator, helping up-and-coming (and very cool!) technology companies collaborate.  During that time, I served as a board member for portfolio companies Comixology, SocialBomb and Por ti, Familia and as an observer for Pond5.

I am an advocate of metrics based decision-making and focused on implementing processes to monitor and improve customer engagement.  As I find many startups rely on gut, these principles tend to permeate my advice, and will be something I focus on here.

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