I have been thinking about starting a series of posts about cool companies that we are not invested in for a while now.  After office hours yesterday I officially became motivated to start.

NYC Way is best described as a free meta iPhone app for all things NYC.  It was covered on ReadWriteWeb a few days ago.  The app could replace about a page worth of apps on my iPhone including ‘Sit or Squat’, ‘Wifi Locator’ and ‘Urban Spoon’.  It even has a decent Craig’s List interface.  My personal favorite though is the traffic camera section where you can view any on NYC’s traffic cameras. Granted I have no idea why  would actually need to do that, but it is cool.  My only gripe is that it runs a bit slow (it might be where the data is coming from).

The founder shared with me the road map of what he is developing.  Once he includes these, this app goes from very cool, to a must have for all New Yorkers.

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