NYC Venture Capital Office Hours

I am happy to see a trend in New York towards more access for entrepreneurs to reach and get advice from VCs, a practice much more common in Boston and Silicon Valley. First Round Capital, for example, held office hours in 10 cities (non currently scheduled).  Toward that end I have compiled a list of all of the VC office hours taking place in NYC that I know about.  If I have missed any please link to them in the comments section.


Nate Westheimer (NYTM Organizer, Flybridge Capital Advisor) has been holding weekly office hours for some time (Fridays 11:00-12:30).

Rose Tech Ventures I hold weekly office hours (Wednesdays 4:00-5:00pm).

David B. Lerner (Director Columbia Technology Ventures) holds Office hours for people associated with Columbia University (by appointment).

One day only

RRE is holding office hours Friday March 12th

Flybridge Capital Partners is holding office hours Wednesday March 3rd.

Dogpatch NY – Polaris Ventures is holding office hours February 18th

Zelkova Ventures is hosting office hours February 26th.

6 comments so far

  1. Daniel Kivatinos on

    Thanks for this great post! I will be attending!

  2. […] Here is a great list of VC office hours (This is a repost from […]

  3. Nate Westheimer on

    Great list. Don’t leave out “AnyClip Founder” in that bio of me!

  4. Seema Gupta on

    Thanks for the tip! I will be going as well.

  5. Jose G. Gonzalez on

    Excellent !!
    Connect me by any means.
    Thank you !

  6. Jake Baker on

    Great post – it’s amazing how things like this go unnoticed by the market. Founders can use these sorts of opportunities to dramatically broaden their access to VCs that they don’t know. Thanks for compiling this – I’ve retweeted @bakerjake.

    Regards / Jake.

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