Google you are crushing my silos and violating my address book

I believe in silos and feel like I am fighting to keep them.  Facebook for friends, LinkedIn for professional contacts, and twitter for what (for some reason I decide) is worth broadcasting to the world. I don’t cross-pollinate between services and I don’t know who I am talking to on Buzz.  Google knows who I email with most regularly but not why (thankfully).  I don’t want to post vacation pictures to my attorney, or VC posts to my aunt.  It is so easy to start using because when I tried it out this morning I already had several ‘followers’ but so hard to figure out what to do with it because they are not the same audience.

That said, it is incredibly easy to use, maybe it replaces Facebook for me.  I think twitter is here to stay because they have so beautifully tapped the worlds two carnal desires, narcissism and stalking (The gentleman who coined that wishes to remain anonymous)

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